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Please Read Before Beginning your Search

NEW! CBDC has launched a new Business Succession Web site for those interested in purchasing a business and/or listing a business for sale, in the Atlantic Provinces. Check-out http://www.businessatlantic.ca
Welcome to the ‘Business Opportunities” section of the Enterprise Fundy website. We have used a link to an online Canada-wide real estate listing service(The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA)) as the best way to provide up-to-date information for those interested in purchasing commercial property and existing businesses here. This link is preset for an area covering the entire Enterprise Fundy geographic region and has been set to search for property most likely used for business purposes.

Before the search engine will bring up the properties you are interested in you may be prompted to read and accept the legal terms and conditions of the website (which are mainly copyright related as the site does not collect personal information). This is a normal formality with such sites and does not in any way force you into any contractual arrangements to buy properties, etc. We recommend that you read this notice to ensure that there aren’t any terms and conditions unacceptable to you.

Enterprise Fundy is not responsible for the accuracy of the information contained in this links site as properties are bought and sold on a regular basis however we believe that this is the most user-friendly manner to get the best available information to you. You should note that this same linked website can provide you with information on homes within our region (and well beyond) as that will be an important consideration in your decision to move to our region. Unfortunately, for technical reasons, we have to divide our region into two separate sections for doing searches: West and East. Because of this you must search both links in order to see all the business opportunities within our region.

If you have any problems please e-mail Candace Jeffrey at candace.jeffrey@ent-fundy.ca and she will be glad to assist you.

West half of our region

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East half of our region

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